Top 10! Most viewed series and movies on Netflix today

Top 10!  Most viewed series and movies on Netflix today (Instagram)

Top 10! Most viewed series and movies on Netflix today | Instagram

Titles such as “100 days to fall in love”, “The Dance of the Fireflies” and “Lupine” are among the most viewed in Netflix at this moment in Mexico, being in the top 10 of the most reproduced contents in its catalog.

The famous Netflix platform continues with the renewal of its catalog and that is how there is always something new to see.

That is why series Y films Fashion quickly leave their place for another premiere and the ranking of the most watched is constantly moving worldwide and of course Mexico is no exception.

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And the fact is that there are so many movie and series options that Netflix has in its catalog, that sometimes it is extremely difficult to choose a good story to enjoy on the screen, however, this top 10 helps a lot to know what to watch.

There is no doubt that Netflix movies have called into question everything we have learned about film as a business, as an art and as an entertainment product.

It is worth mentioning that the list that you will find below is an example that, when it wants, Netflix is ​​able to make us dream of the idea of ​​a Hollywood player emerged from nowhere and capable of making big bets for quality cinema.

Top 10 movies and series in Netflix Today February 17, 2021:


100 days to fall in love



“Very close to her 18th wedding anniversary, Constanza wants a divorce, but Plutarco makes her a proposal: a 100-day extension to fall in love again”





“When Bella Swan moves in with her father, she starts school and meets Edward, a mysterious classmate who turns out to be a 108-year-old vampire”


To all the boys: forever



“Lara Jean Covey is preparing for the end of school and the beginning of adulthood, but a couple of trips lead her to reflect on what her life will be like with family, friends and Peter after graduation”


Twilight New Moon



“Edward Cullen abandons Bella Swan to keep her away from the dangers of the vampire world. Bella seeks solace in Jacob Black, her childhood friend, while interacting with werewolves, enemies of vampires”


Crime Scene: Disappearance at Hotel Cecil


“As the scene of unexpected deaths and the lodging of serial killers, the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles has earned a chilling reputation. The final chapter of its story deals with the mysterious disappearance of college student Elisa Lam.”


Proud Mary



“The life of Mary, a woman who works as a hit man for the Boston mob, takes an unexpected turn when she meets a child who awakens her maternal instincts: Danny, a street boy who asks for her help.”


Mission Safari: An Interactive You vs. Wild


Documentary film

“The animal protection fence of a reserve in South Africa collapses and Bear Grylls comes to the rescue, but he will need your help. The situation is complex: a lion that escaped stalks the town and a baboon that also managed to flee is heading towards cliffs, so electricity needs to be restored before more animals escape. “


Red point



“When Nadja becomes pregnant, both she and her partner try to redirect their relationship by traveling to the north of Sweden to practice mountaineering. However, their romantic getaway soon turns into a real nightmare.”


Twilight: Eclipse



“Bella must choose between Edward and Jacob while a series of murders occurs and a vengeful vampire stalks”


World News



“Captain Kidd guides young Johanna, who years ago was taken in by Native Americans, on an arduous journey home”