Tools to communicate at work: know the best facilitates communication between teams in a very intuitive way.

Slack is one of the most popular internal digital communication services.

Teams is Microsoft’s bet and is part of its Office toolkit.

Communication at work is very important, but organizing large groups of people is not that simple. As if that were not enough, the quarantine product of the COVID-19 pandemic physically alienated us, making this even more complicated. Fortunately, there are many digital tools available to facilitate processes, either from the same office or each person from home. Social networks changed the landscape and the way we communicate with others, however, it may not be highly recommended that you also communicate with your coworkers and your boss around here. Networks are still often considered more private environments, although many businesses have already moved to these media. However, there are other tools to communicate at work more adequately.

New needs require new methods. Previously, we communicated by phone, then by mail and both media came to be digitized. Then came instant messaging services, reaching an all time high with WhatsApp. This application, in fact, is already used by many jobs, due to its immediacy and ease of use. It can be the ideal medium for sharing company announcements about events, important changes, recognitions or invitations. Its effectiveness also implies immediate feedback for doubts, comments and complaints. However, it is also still a means that many use to communicate in their personal lives and if it is not well organized, it can lead to not respecting schedules. So here we present you five best tools for that purpose.

This is an intuitive platform to control different work processes. Those involved can communicate between teams in a very simple way. It is an ideal tool for Projects, time management, reporting and sending messages, among other things.

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Team work

More of 200 thousand companies use this tool, which has similar functions as Monday, capable of managing projects and helping teams communicate through them. It has various communication channels that include social networks and integrate other tools such as Gmail.


Slack is one of the most popular internal digital communication services. Organize chats by conversation topics, facilitate sending files and images. It is a kind of combination between WhatsApp and the email and it is also free.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft’s bet is part of its Office toolkit. Similar to Slack, it opens groups of teams of different themes, in addition to allowing voice calls, video calls and being able to share and modify Word, Excel and PowerPoint in real time and with more people involved.

Google Meet

This is one of the alternatives like Zoom, to hold meetings with several people by video call or voice. It is free and easy to use and through it you can make videoconferences between work teams, with good video quality and integration with the Google calendar for reminders.