Tools that will help you boost digital marketing in 2021

By 2021, eMarketer estimates that the bet on digital advertising will jump 17 percent compared to this year. This means that digital marketing will play an extremely important role in the months to come. Given this, for brands and companies it is undoubtedly important to have the tools that allow them to do a better job from this section, that is why here we will see some options that they can begin to consider.

According to Social Media Today, these are the tools that businesses need to better develop digital marketing in 2021:

This first tool for digital marketing is one that has the ability to help brands create outstanding social media videos.

As you may already know, visual content is key in social media marketing, and with all brands posting a combination of colorful images and videos to keep their feeds fresh and engaging, it’s important to try to stand out from the crowd.

That’s where Beatleap comes in to help brands earn that badge. According to the source, this platform was launched this year, so it can be understood as a new space to play with.

The application offers a new approach to video creation, using audio to create video content.

According to the source, Beatleap allows you to create and edit videos by automatically joining songs according to the video clips in a matter of seconds. You just have to add the material, choose the music, then add effects and the app will create a clip that perfectly synchronizes the cadence.

This tool can be of great help in particular for brands that have a presence on TikTok, although it can be used in all other social options.

As an interesting point, it stands out that Beatleap uses artificial intelligence to help speed up the video creation process, this without neglecting that the materials look professional and amazing.

As a last detail, the app includes more than a thousand professional songs to synchronize with videos.

If your digital marketing strategy for the following year includes building a brand kit, this platform can be very helpful.

And, a point in which many brands today are failing is in that of visual consistency.

Many brands only publish visual content without considering things a second time, even though the power of building visual associations should never be underestimated. Remember that people’s minds are visual, we can forget names, but we remember colors and visual concepts.

It is for the above that maintain a consistent visual identity, with colors, logos, elements, fonts, etc. it is important to establish and build a recognizable presence.

That’s where this second platform comes in. VennGage has a feature called “Brand Kit” that stores all the identity elements of the brands and makes sure that the content and visual creations use the same color scheme and visual identity elements.

Of course, its functions are not limited to this, another of its specializations is the design of infographics, one of the most popular content formats of these times. Although it can also be useful for presentations, desserts, newsletters, schedules, brochures, flyers, invitations, coupons, mind maps, banners, certificates, eBooks, among others.

For brands that want to know more about their consumers, SentiOne can be useful as it helps with social listening.

Brands must remember that this activity goes beyond identifying and helping customers who are dissatisfied. The platform we mention here uses the power of artificial intelligence to take social listening to a new level. For example, depending on the source, you can:

Collect online context for branding (and help never miss what’s really important by prioritizing certain messages). Help the customer service team to respond to messages on social networks more efficiently thanks to the use of an assistant powered by artificial intelligence. Analyze data to identify key players, such as niche influencers and brand ambassadors.

In summary, it can be understood that this platform collects, classifies, prioritizes data and can also help companies or brands to take action on the information, thus promoting their response and outreach strategies together with those of digital marketing.

Finteza is a tool that among content-related digital marketing efforts will help you find the best performing pieces and calls to action.

Remember that having good calls to action or CTAS is key to maximizing the success of digital strategies. With Fineza it will be possible to run A / B tests of the calls to action to identify those that generate the most clicks and conversions.

A remarkable aspect of the platform is that no technical help will be required to configure the tool. It’s easy to create multiple remarketing campaigns and compare their performance.

On the other hand, it also helps to have more information about the campaigns, for example, from its site it highlights that an assessment of web traffic can be generated, funnels, it also allows for audience analysis, page and source analysis.

As if that were not enough, it also has a built-in advertising engine from cal, you can sell ads, accept payments, manage material rotation and create reports from a single interface.

Finally, for your digital marketing strategy to have smarter content, it is worth taking a look at Text Optimizer.

Remember that creating new content that really helps and is attractive is always a challenge, whether it is for a blog or social networks.

The tool uses semantic analysis to generate a list of related concepts and questions about whatever topic is provided.