“Too much time has been wasted debating our capabilities”

A pharmacist serves a client in Madrid (Photo: Europa Press News via Europa Press via Getty Images)

“Too much time has been wasted in sterile debates about our capabilities and there was no reason to be suspicious.” The president of the General Council of Official Pharmaceutical Associations, Jesús Aguilar, celebrates the step forward taken by Health, which is now studying authorizing the sale of self-diagnosis tests in pharmacies without a prescription, something they asked “months ago.”

Aguilar regrets the lack of confidence and ignorance about the role of the pharmacy in the middle of the pandemic, doubts that health professionals have also joined, and asks that they be taken into account now definitively. Look towards Health and, especially, towards the autonomous communities, on which “95% of our skills” depend. “Not all of them have helped,” he reflects, although he prefers not to give names of those who have made it more difficult.

For the president of the group, the pharmacy has avoided “a true health collapse” in the worst moments of the pandemic. “And not only by selling drugs,” he clarifies.

If the definitive Health OK is confirmed, is the possibility of selling self-diagnostic tests late?

Right now the question is under study, but it is late. Of course, we are talking about two or three months at most, not beyond. Of course, it would have been much better in March than in May, but you can’t look back because the tests that we have now, with the endorsement of the ministry, have nothing to do with those that existed before; we have gained in quality, reliability, safety …

Why now and not before?

You have to ask the ministry and the communities to know what has changed. We have always said it could be done, but too much time has been wasted.

The problem is that discussions have been opened too steep …

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