Tony Khan pays attention to the ratings. Numbers are your thing. He is also very proud to be a part of AEW and all they have accomplished so far.

AEW lost to WWE NXT for the third week in a row this week. It was the second week in a row that Great American Bash defeated Fyter Fest. AEW defeated NXT in the demographic ratings of 18-49 with a .28 to .20 of WWE.

Tony Khan does not admit that AEW lost to WWE NXT

Khan tweeted to let fans know that he still considers it a great victory that AEW Dynamite is ranked in the top 7 best cable shows. He also noted that a victory in key demographics is also a victory.

If anyone thinks that I consider that being one of the 7 best cable shows is not a great victory, they are wrong. A victory in the demographic is a victory in business, and this is business. I know the industry wasn’t talking about demographic groups 20 years ago, but it’s what drives our revenue today.

Chris Jericho was trying to bring up this same point last week that Tony Khan addressed today. Advertisers look at the demographic ratings, and the audience is just a number that is not the most important thing now.

Audience was all that mattered twenty years ago during the Monday Night Wars. Things have changed a bit in the past few decades since then, and it’s not just because the professional wrestling war is on Wednesdays now, but because the commercial value carries significant weight according to Jericho and Khan.

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