Toño Mauri will show experience in series after fighting battle

Toño Mauri will show experience in series after fighting battle (Reform)

Toño Mauri will show serial experience after fighting battle | Reform

Spend eight months hospitalized, four of these in a coma due to Covid-19 and a double lung transplant surgery, it is a case that the actor Toño Mauri lived and plans to document in a Serie, to leave your testimony and give hope to others.

I want to create a series that deals with these cases and others, I see it as a series that we are used to seeing, with the difference that the main topic is this (those who overcome Covid 19 and delicate surgeries such as double transplantation lung).

I do want to make a documentary, a testimony with the images that I have to take people from the beginning to today, said Mauri, 56 years old.

Actor and singer Toño MauriHe expressed that if God allowed him this new life, it is to transmit his experience.

I have only heard of people who have sadly died, but I have not heard much of those who have been saved. And I can say that every night I came to think that it was my last day, “he declared.

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At a press conference, Toño was sensitive yesterday, at times there were tears, especially when talking about the support he has from his wife Carla and their children.

I only asked God to help me because I wanted to see my children one more time, I asked him with a lot of love, affection and I know that He listened to me because He has something for me that He wants me to do and I think it is related to this testimony “he added.

The businessman and husband of Carla Alemán Magnani, He was hospitalized last June after being infected with Covid-19, like his entire family, but he was the only one who was seriously affected. And because of the damage that the virus caused in his lungs, he had to be intervened.

I entered (the hospital) weighing 64 kilos, today I weigh 48 kilos, “he said,” but during this process (of recovery), I am seeing how little by little, with food and exercise, my weight goes up.

That motivates me, I feel good, I have strength, I see my legs start to move, my hands, my body, my routines, going to the bathroom is the most basic thing, being able to do it yourself. “

Mauri shared that he does not have any brain or motor injury and that good lifestyle habits are a factor in overcoming the contagion.

This was his exit from the hospital

After announcing his departure from the medical unit where he had remained since December, still convalescing and with some walking problems, Toño Mauri, left the University of Florida Health Shands Hospital on February 12 amid several applause and hugs from doctors and medical staff.

Excited and grateful for the displays of affection and the work of the entire team, the images of his departure went around the internet, moving everyone after being able to overcome what was the “toughest battle of his life.”

Some of the media sought to obtain the first words of the 56-year-old actor who until today has given two talks, one from the hospital and the second from his home, which he holds with his family doctor, Juan Rivera for the cameras of ” Wake up America”

It was from his home in Miami that he mexican actor and husband of Carla Alemán Magnani, again thanked God and the doctor, who apparently attended him since he began with symptoms of the disease.

the public figure with an important career in television, has given life to various characters in soap operas.

“For loving without law”, “Under the reins of love”, “The two faces of Ana”, “The privilege of Amar” are some of the melodramas that consolidated his career on the screen, in his recent homecoming, something that he confessed, neither he nor his family were certain that it would happen.

Toño Mauri finally home

This meant a great moment for his entire family, it was Antonio Mauri, son of the actor and businessman who shared part of these moments on social networks.

Through the Instagram account you can see images and a short video in which the “today champion” was received at the entrance of his house, in one of the postcards he appears with his son a few moments after entering his home , on the door hangs a large message that says “welcome home.”

You can also read “God took me by the hand”, Toño Mauri sees his health, a miracle

While in a video that is also in said publication, a video shows that Mauri enters his home on the arm of his son and wife who hold him by the arm due to the condition in which he is still. Follow this LINK to see the images.