Toño Mauri will create a foundation after defeating Covid

Back to life, after spending eight months at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida, five of which he was under sedation, and five days after being discharged, Toño Mauri engaged in a conversation with the Mexican press via zoom.

Tony, as he is affectionately called in Shands, declares that he currently weighs 48.5 kilograms, and when he entered the hospital because of the coronavirus infection he had 64 kilos. In this second chance of life, he informs, he will establish a foundation to help lung patients, diabetes, cancer and weight. Also, he will produce a testimonial film of the eight months fighting for his life and how he won the fight against Covid-19.

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He also announced that he will carry out a series “that goes to television, to platforms, on these health cases such as the topic of lung transplantation. They are my life purposes until today with my wife, my children, my son-in-law, we will all do it ”.

Regarding these projects, he responds to El Sol de México: “I want to give a testimony to the people that this devastating virus is true, because of which your family, your friends, are wasting away, it is something terrible. You have to think of others, avoid this sadness of not knowing what is going to happen ”.

As he has spent the last few months, he wants to stay united with his family, which was the force that helped him overcome the disease and now the double lung transplant, of which he is in rehabilitation, because he still cannot walk. “My life now goes in one direction. What excites me the most is that I am going to do it with my family, my children; because they all got engaged now. I think this world needs a lot of good people, people who care about others.

“From this we have to learn, learn to help. It is very sad to hear that one guy kills another, that he takes his life, the life that we fight so much, that we care so much about. It is a job that from now on, I am thinking about how to do it, I have many friends and fellow actors, relatives who join this idea of ​​raising awareness and helping people ”.

He anticipated that he will wait as long as his rehabilitation requires to be able to walk and fend for himself to return to Mexico.

“It is a very strong change from day to day, to the routine that we have. In my case, we take care of ourselves, we did not leave the house, we tried to have the measures, but you realize that it is not like that, at any time we are prone to any type of disease like this with such an aggressive virus. He gave us all, my wife, my children, my son-in-law and a girl who has lived with us for many years, it was to me that he gave me the most force, ”he says.

From the house he rents in Gainesville, Florida, Toño Mauri recognizes that after being on . of death three times, three months in a coma and evicted by medical science, inexplicably and as a divine fact he returns to his normal pulse and the hemorrhage internal is controlled. « I asked God with humility and even joy that if he wanted me to heal and take me by the hand on this path, I would do so and yes I felt it … », he says vehemently.