A week ago, the 55-year-old actor revealed that he and his entire family were infected with Coronavirus, despite having been properly isolated.

A week ago, Toño Mauri revealed to the Despierta América program that both he as his wife, Carla Alemán and their children, Antonio and Carla, had given positive to COVID-19 and that the contagion had not been explained, since they have remained properly insulated in their Miami home.

The 55-year-old actor, said on that occasion, feeling relatively good, with ups and downs derived from the disease, however, today it emerged that the leading man of soap operas such as Simply Maria, Egoistic Mothers and recently, For loving without law, is in Intensive Therapy.

It was through the El Chismorreo program, where its drivers, Fabián Lavalle, Marta Susana Esteban Macías and Gaby Ramírez, spoke about the state of health of the former member of the youth group Fresas con crema.

« Toño Mauri and family, unfortunately all infected with COVID-19, but worst of all, Toño is hospitalized in intensive care because he could not breathe then (they hospitalized him) … because unfortunately he is delicate, » they pointed out.

At the moment there is no more information or any official statement from the Mauri Alemán family, but we will continue to monitor the status of the businessman.

Courtesy of TVyNovelas