Toño Mauri in intensive care due to the virus, cannot breathe | Reform

Just a few days after giving the news to Toño Mauri that he and his family suffer from the virus, now is in intensive care, because he is more serious than he is summoned and he even had trouble breathing.

Last June 24, the actor confirmed that he had tested positive for the coronavirus, as had his wife Carla Alemán and his sons Antonio and Carla.

It was during an interview that he offered the program « Wake up America« where rrevealed that he had the virus and did not know how she had caught it.

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I feel relatively well, but this disease has ups and downs, one day you feel good, another day you feel stuck, in general I think I have been lucky and I have been well on oxygenation, but it does not stop worrying me, ”he said.

Today, after six days of breaking the news and making sure he felt good and I only had few symptoms, they assure that he has entered intensive therapy since he could not breathe.

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Those who released the information were the drivers Gaby Ramírez, Fabián Lavalle, Marta Susana and Esteban Macias, from the program “Gossip« 

Toño is hospitalized in intensive care because he couldn’t breathe then because unfortunately he is delicate, « they said.

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Apparently, the also businessman, who currently lives in the city of Miami, began with the symptoms the Last weekend.

What happens is that Toño started with the symptoms last weekend, with fever, and he began to feel bad, breathing, then he already went to intensive care because unfortunately he is delicate, « added Fabián Lavalle.

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It is worth mentioning that in April Carla Mauri, the actor’s daughter, did not want to change her wedding date and secretly married on March 18 in Miami in full contingency.

So far, no member of the Toño family has denied or confirmed this versionBut it only remains to hope that things do not get worse and you can recover from this terrible disease.

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However, Toño was surprised by the diagnosis since they say they have quarantined and they remained locked up at his home in Miami, where they live, according to what he said on social networks.