Toño Mauri attends his daughter’s wedding after overcoming COVID-19

Toño Mauri He reappeared in public after winning the battle against COVID-19, a fight that kept his life in suspense for almost half a year. Much more recovered and after receiving a double lung transplant, the actor was able to meet with his entire family to celebrate his daughter’s wedding, Carla mauri, who got married in Miami, Florida last weekend with Pablo Fernandez. The former member of the group Strawberries with Cream shared one of the most important moments of his life and that has filled him with great satisfaction.

Toño Mauri wedding daughter© @ carlaestradawest Toño Mauri hands over his daughter, Carla, to the altar

Continuing with tradition, Mauri accompanied his daughter on her way to the altar, as can be seen in the images shared by the Suelta la Sopa (Telemundo) program. During the ceremony, Carla wore an elegant wedding dress. In another moment of the video, Toño is observed in the company of his wife, Carla Aleman Magnani.

The producer Carla estrada, who attended the event, also published a photograph that captures the precise moment in which the actor takes his princess by the hand and can be seen walking on his own.

“A wonderful miracle !!! Carla spectacular and Toño you are wonderful you are an example of strength and love !!! I love them!! Congratulations !!! “, wrote Estrada excited by the pleasant moment that caused a stir and was celebrated by many personalities in the middle.

Carla Mauri wedding© @ carlamaurioficialCarla Mauri married Pablo Fernández in Miami, Florida

With the COVID-19 pandemic still in place, the Mauri family chatted with a few guests during the ceremony. In the link through the church, there were few and very close people who met, always with the healthy distance and with the respective face masks.

Toño Mauri’s long and long-suffering journey up to this point has been truly miraculous and admirable. The journey that he has had to face in recent months is something that the actor never imagined and today he is a happy father in life to have been a witness to the happiness of his daughter.

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