A chat with Toni Nadal it guarantees rationality, solid arguments and juicy headlines. This is what happened in the interview with José Luis Clerc on ESPN, in which the uncle of Rafael Nadal He spoke openly of the hottest issues of today, while also recalling interesting anecdotes from his nephew. The uncertainty in the world of tennis continues and not many players have already spoken about whether or not to play the US Open 2020But doubts and concerns about security are latent. There was also a place to chat about the mistakes of Novak Djokovic and the Adria Tour.

– Philosophy of life and how Nadal understands tennis. “Rafa ended up getting used to and assuming a very high demand that I placed on him. The first thing he did when he was a child and we trained, was to ask him to smile and have a good face and a positive attitude. He never threw a racket because that would have allowed him to be overcome by frustration. I am very bothered by the complaint, the frustration, because I consider that it emanates from a feeling of personal overvaluation, of believing that you cannot fail. When he got desperate, he told him that if Sampras made mistakes, how would he do it to us. I will work to improve, “he recalls.

– Importance of a diet or a psychologist. The Balearic understands tennis in a simple way and does not believe that being strict in these areas can change much. “If someone needs to go to the psychologist, they should do it, but for their personal good, not because that will mean winning more at tennis. Eating gluten-free does not win tournaments either. In the end, I understand tennis as a sport in which you have to pass the ball over a net, “he said.

– Rafa’s left-handed condition. “It’s funny because when he started to play, when he was just 3 or 4 years old, he hit the drive with both hands. I saw that when the ball went in the middle, he chose the left and as I saw him playing soccer with the left, I thought that He was left-handed. He was playing everything two-handed until he was 10 years old, when I told him that he should definitely choose a hand and play drive one. for everything. You throw something at Rafael and instinctively he takes it with the right, “said Toni.

– Improvement in the volley. “It has improved a lot, although sometimes some styleless volleys that leave me cold, I am a lover of aesthetics,” Toni said with a laugh. “Roger volleys better than Rafa, but he always did well because he is quick on the eye and hands, so he played the doubles well. What happens is that over time he understood that he had to shorten the points and incorporated the volley as a strategy in his game. For a long time, his way of understanding tennis was to hit a longer ball to secure the point and wear down the opponent. Since he climbs with conviction, he volleys much better, “he argued.

– Novak Djokovic and what happened on the Adria Tour. “It is a shame what has happened because it was a good initiative for tennis that has ended very badly and giving a negative image to the sport and the players,” said Rafa’s uncle before being condescending to the Serbian. “In Serbia the measures were not so restrictive and the truth is that a number 1 should have been more careful, but they have already apologized, it is a mistake that can happen to anyone,” he said.

– ATP calendar and Rafa’s decision. “I have spoken to Rafa and he is doubting which tournaments to play. The schedule is unaffordable, especially for veteran players, who cannot compete for so many weeks in a row. I think it is a bit ugly what the ATP has done. This decision is totally in against players like Rafa and Novak. With everything they have done for tennis for years, I am surprised that they do this. I think it would be key to raise something regarding the score, because it is not feasible to concentrate so many tournaments in such a short time “, claimed a Toni Nadal whose words must be taken into account.