Toni Nadal, uncle and former coach of Rafael Nadal, gave an interview to El Transistor by José Ramón de la Morena to analyze all the news on the tennis scene, and more recently on the coronavirus pandemic and the suspension of the Wimbledon and Mallorca tournaments, tournament where it confirms that it is not completely suspended and that they will look for a date for the dispute of this first edition of the Balearic tournament.

How are you going through these days of confinement: “I am not going to complain because at the moment there are people who are having a really bad time,” said Toni, who confessed that if they were going to tell him the situation we are experiencing a few months ago, he could not imagine it: “My children are studying from home like the rest of the family. The truth is that if they tell us that when we finished 2019 we would get into this situation because it would have surprised us. The world has changed a lot in a matter of months. The situation is very complicated and I don’t think that the things get back to normal when this is over. “

Toni believes that until there is a drug or a vaccine, the situation will not return to complete normality: “Until there is a drug or a vaccine, I see the panorama is quite complicated. We will live in a situation of uncertainty and danger until this is well managed. I see everything as complicated enough that we can lead normal lives as we were a few months ago. No I know if this is going to make people change, because it has already been shown that human beings soon forget things and that we cannot live in constant fear, but it is true that for many this will have consequences. “

Toni Nadal confessed that Bill Gates warned Rafa of what was going to happen in the world: “This was known sooner or later what was going to happen. When Rafa was in February playing the exhibition match in South Africa with Roger Federer, he spoke with Bill Gates and told him that what was happening in China was going to be very complicated. He told my nephew that we did not know if we could travel from March. He already knew with his knowledge of the subject and his contacts on how this situation was going to complicate. “

Home entertainment: “I am reading a little, I watch series, I play chess and I do some physical activity. The most important thing is that we are all well at home. When we were told that we would have to stay two weeks at home, I thought it would be very hard, but When you see everything that is happening in Madrid with IFEMA or the numbers of many deaths, you realize that at home is where you can be safer. It is not that difficult. “

Yesterday the cancellation of the Mallorca tournament was known due to the coronavirus pandemic that is plaguing the whole world: “Right now, the Mallorca tournament is not completely suspended. The organizers are working very hard to find a date in 2020.”

Tennis comes to the background when talking about the health of many people: “I am devastated. At the moment I do not have the head to think about tennis. Although I worked for the Mallorca tournament, in recent days it was what I was least thinking about. In the future we will have more Wimbledon tournaments and more Mallorca tournaments. what is most worrying at the moment is the situation that exists in the world, and that is that many people are dying. “