Toni Nadal points out in an interview with ESPNTenis that Rafa Nadal, “is doubting his return to tennis at the US Open. and that the calendar, adjusted and compressed with the new dates is “almost unaffordable for older people”.

06/26/2020 at 10:30 CEST


“He told me about the calendar and I find the ATP a bit ugly because it is almost unaffordable for older people, especially for Big 3,” he said. Toni referring to a conversation with the current number two in the world.

“If you see that they have helped tennis for years, it seems to me that something should be done with the score; because if you don’t you play every week and it is complicated in one month to do the US Open, Rome, Madrid and Paris (Roland Garros); it’s almost unfeasible “, reasoned about his nephew, and about the Serbian Novak Djokovic, and Swiss Roger Federer, although the latter will not reappear until 2021.

The former coach of Nadal too he referred to what happened on the Adria Tour, with numerous cases of coronavirus positives. “It is a step backwards in the normalization process“, said.

“It was a shame. A good initiative ended up being a coronavirus problem that was not good, neither for tennis nor for Djokovic. It was preferable that everyone had been more careful, “he reflected.

In Serbia they were not so strict. It is a mistake that anyone can make and Djokovic has apologized but it is a setback in the process of normalization of the circuit “, summarized Toni Nadal about the Adriatic tour that was finally suspended.