Taking advantage of Rafael Nadal’s 34th birthday today, his uncle and former coach Toni, He gave an interview to the Italian newspaper Gazzetta Dello Sport to analyze everything that surrounds his nephew, whom he sees with many possibilities of being able to surpass Roger Federer in the number of titles of Grand Slams. In addition, he believes that the Balearic still has three or four years to perform at the highest level in the sport of racket.

-He believes that both Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will overcome Roger Federer in the fight for being the player with the most Grand Slams in tennis history:

“From my point of view, I think that both Rafael and Novak will be able to beat Roger in terms of Grand Slams titles. Federer is against him because he is older than his rivals and has it more complicated. Also, they are appearing every time the figure of many young players who are gaining experience and can battle against any tennis player. If Rafa managed to win Roland Garros and could match Roger’s 20 titles. We don’t know if it will happen. “

-Toni Nadal is clear about which was the most special Roland Garros:

“If I had to keep one of the twelve Roland Garros that my nephew has, I would take his first win in 2005 against Mariano Puerta. Rafael was very young and winning in Paris was his most desired goal. After much effort, work and dedication managed to proclaim himself champion. Nor can I forget his triumph in 2010, a year after he lost to Robin Soderling and added his first loss on Parisian clay. That triumph in 2010 took on an important emotional aspect ” .

-There is still a lot of Rafa in the coming years:

“If the injuries do not appear, I think my nephew still has three or four years left to continue competing for important things in tennis. Perhaps now with this stoppage due to the coronavirus he will have a little more left, since he has not suffered much effort in this 2020. I have no doubt that this break has come in handy for older players on the circuit. “

-Which rival is more dangerous? Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer?

“I think that for my nephew, the most dangerous rival is Novak Djokovic. Against the Serb you have the difficulty that although you play well you never know how and when to attack him. He defends himself very well and leaves you very few gaps to get to the Offensive. Federer for his part, although he is a phenomenon, has a much clearer way of playing and leaves you the option of being able to attack him. “