Toni Costa will put land between him and Adamari López

Adamari López and Toni Costa.

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Toni Costa returned to Miami after her successful trip to California for her famous Zumba masterclasses. But soon he will leave again. Everything seems to indicate that the star of the dance, of the Hispanic chain Univision, will give himself fully to work, in the midst of the crisis that he lives with Adamari López.

While he dances, she stays active with exercise, losing weight and thus styling her image. But now separated. When before this reality was practically the same, only that by then they were still a couple.

Today, Toni has taken a step further in what their separation entails. She took off her engagement ring and he took her from a profile picture on Instagram. It seems that this can no longer be fixed. Although it is also true that recently Chisme No Like, a program hosted by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, affirm that the couple will go to therapy but this time religious, they affirm that it was at the initiative of Toni’s family that they made this decision.

On the Spanish tour these are the cities that he will visit: Arizona, Las Vegas, Utah, Seattle, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, New Jersey, Philadelphia, New York, and even Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador.

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