Toni Costa is happy that Adamari López and Alaïa are already together and with him in Spain

Toni Costa is happy. The famous Spanish choreographer, star of Univision, went to Spain with his daughter Alaïa as his only company. In Miami he stayed Adamari López, host of Hoy Día on Telemundo. The Puerto Rican finished her work week and on Thursday announced the start of her vacation. But the public not only noticed that he was leaving the United States to meet Toni Costa and Alaïa. Ada wore the engagement ring again. Reconciliation in sight?

At the moment no one knows for sure if Toni and Adamari are together again, if the commitment is back on its feet. But what many are clear about is that the rumors that in Spain they can resume their relationship and marry, even in secret, no longer sound so far-fetched.

Toni recently chatted with People en Español magazine, which featured him and Alaïa on the cover. He explained that both he and Adamari are committed to ensuring that this entire separation process is not complicated for their daughter, who is the most important thing. The Spaniard also emphasizes that they traveled from Valencia to meet Adamari so that mother and daughter could be together, that for him the happiness of both is the most important thing.

“I don’t mind traveling half of Spain and doing the necessary kilometers -even with some sleep- so that Alaïa is with her mommy; It makes them extremely happy and me even more to know that they are, ”Toni told the aforementioned media.

Be that as it may, Adamari López is already in Spain and she took her engagement ring with her. Whether or not there is a wedding, the couple is already reunited and with Alaïa together with them they are once again a family of three, together.

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