Toni Costa has fun on her vacation with Alaïa

Toni Costa and Alaïa are happy in their summer in Spain, where they arrived a week ago to spend days full of joy, fun and feeling very relaxed. It is even away from home that Toni finds time in her schedule to practice one of her favorite hobbies: golf.

On the seashore and very focused on his shots, Toni shared with his followers how his passion for this sport still accompanies him on the other side of the world. The dancer was in charge of repeating the stories on Instagram for those who did not hear his voice well. And to the liking of his fans, he took several shots of the field, a true delight in which the nature and peace of this sport come together.

“This field is incredible,” said Toni, who went out to practice her shots while Alaïa, also the daughter of Adamari López, slept. “The day has been very good,” he said at the same time that he showed a remote control cart that seemed to carry Toni’s golf clubs by itself.

Toni Costa and the desire to show Alaïa his city

Years ago, Toni grew up in Valencia, Spain, where her family lives. There, he visited places that filled him with emotion as a child and that he wants his daughter to also know. One of them is the Gulliver Park, located in the Turia Garden in Valencia and named after the story Gulliver’s Travels, by Jonathan Swift, about a giant. However, the place is temporarily closed.

Given the situation, father and daughter had to change their activities for the afternoon. “So what’s plan B, Alaïa?” Toni asked to have fun together. She, very excited and full of energy, replied: “Let’s climb!”, An idea that did not seem to excite Toni so much, but that fulfilled all the joy in her heart to see her daughter happy.

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