Toni Bou makes the Honda Africa Twin look like a trial bike (+ video)

Toni Bou is today the best trial motorcycle rider of the planet. In a discipline almost unwaveringly dominated by Catalan riders, Toni Bou can boast 28 consecutive victories at the FIM Trial World Championships. He knows how to control a motorcycle, in short. And to prove it, has recorded a video with a heavy and huge Honda Africa Twin in which he shows us that it is not the size and agility of the bike that matters … if not the rider who drives it. The video is simply awesome.

Trial bikes are very light, they usually have very lively two-stroke engines – they need to accelerate very quickly at the right moment – and exceptional heights. In addition, they have a solid skid plate to support the weight of the bike. The Africa Twin only shares that skid plate with a Gas Gas trial, but in the hands of Toni Bou it dances like a Moscow ballet dancer. Not only climbs steep inclines, easily stoppies on its front wheel, jumps or flies over obstacles.

The version tested was the Adventure Sports version, with additional reinforcements to get off the asphalt.

It is also necessary to mention the rigidity of its chassis, since the rider supports the bike on it on multiple occasions – part of the trial technique. Considering that the Africa Twin CRF1100L was designed for the rigors of off-road driving, its good performance is not surprising. Don’t forget to turn up the volume and enjoy the soundtrack of the 1.1-liter, 109-horsepower twin of the legendary Africa Twin.

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