‘Tomorrow’s war’ has a darker ending than it seems

‘War of Tomorrow’ was an obvious Amazon Prime Video hit even before it was released. It didn’t take a month for a second part to be confirmed. However, when we analyzed its ending for the first time, we were not the only ones who saw many inconsistencies in its happy ending. We put physics aside in time travel. Even their own logic in film and television was largely ignored by the resolution of this film to end the threat that will destroy the world before it began.

The ending seemed to come full circle, especially around the family of Dan, the main character played by Chris Pratt, who not only reconciles with his father but learns the lesson of … not pursuing his personal dreams to prevent his family break up. It is an ending that, if we don’t think about it much, is happy. All the personal relationships of the protagonist end well, the threat seems completely destroyed … There is not even a secondary character who dies who is not seen to be in the film precisely for that … But the fans continue looking for dramatic loopholes at the end , especially now that the sequel has been confirmed.

According to a Reddit user, ‘The War of Tomorrow’ is based on the theory of the immutable future. In other words, whatever happens in the movie, Dan will always develop depression, leave his family, and die in a car accident. It will happen in the same way that the Death of the future is not saved by Dan’s past actions. If we take, for example, ‘Tenet’ as an example, Dan could be part of a loop that always ends with his accident, if not because of boredom depression, but because of the post-traumatic stress of combat.

Despite the fact that the film does have coherence and Dan has not, in fact, fixed anything, we continue to believe that the film ignores this coherence a bit and ends with a closed ending. That is to say, that the sequel will not build its argument around which Dan’s personal disaster is going to be repeated, but rather that one of the destructive aliens did manage to escape destruction and the war of tomorrow becomes the war of tomorrow. Present. The bottom line is that, although it seemed like it, there is no happy ending that is worth if there will be a sequel.

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