Alex Delcourt is at its worst in Tomorrow belongs to us. The latter will make a serious mistake in the rest of the episodes.

For the past few days, Alex Delcourt has been at the heart of a new plot in Tomorrow belongs to us. Celeste’s father is going to make a terrible mistake. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Fans of Tomorrow belongs to us love the Delcourt family and there is always a lot going on around them. Indeed, Chloe had put herself in danger during a fire at the farmhouse while she was pregnant.

Nonetheless, Judith’s mother is doing well and fans have been able to follow her pregnancy week after week. By the way, a few days ago, Chloe gave birth to a baby girl whom she named Celeste.

Alex missed the birth because he was at work and had drunk several bottles of alcohol. Since, Chloe’s husband seems to have trouble finding his place and finds himself at the heart of a new plot.

Alex Delcourt seems somewhat overwhelmed by events. Indeed, since Celeste was born, he drinks a lot and moves away from his family. Not to mention that he was suspected of murdering his father not long ago in Tomorrow belongs to us.

Tomorrow belongs to us: Alex brings down Celeste!

Alex is very angry in Tomorrow belongs to us and Maxime and Judith will pay the price. Nevertheless, the Chloe’s husband could make a terrible mistake. In the next episodes, the latter will want to spend time with Celeste.

Thus, he will take care of it and give him the bottle in an armchair. However, Alex Delcourt is going to fall asleep and will drop the baby. However, don’t panic, Celeste shouldn’t fall from a height since she won’t have any trauma.

Yet Chloe goes discover his daughter on the ground and will be very angry with Alex. So, in the episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us, she will argue with her husband and nothing will happen between them.

Alex is likely to feel guilty in the rest of the series. Especially since the latter could have once again drunk before taking care of Celeste and that would explain her drowsy state …

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