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Since the successful competition program of the Telemundo network, Exatlon United States, began its first season in 2018, it has counted on its teams with important sports figures from all over Latin America, who have left indelible marks in the maximum sporting events of the world carrying its flag high and won all kinds of international recognition.

Such is the case of the beloved “Lord of the Rings” Tommy Ramos, a Puerto Rican gymnast who won the hearts of the entire audience in the first season, so much so that he returned as a coach in subsequent editions and then was one of those chosen by the audience in season four to come back for a rematch.

His passage through the fourth season of Exatlon United States

Tommy arrived with great anticipation in the fourth edition of Exatlon United States, but a little more than halfway through the competition, the former Puerto Rican gymnast who at that time had just become the father of his second daughter, decided on a Sunday in elimination, leaving the competition, because he was injured, he was not giving his one hundred percent, and his priorities had changed after the birth of his second princess.

After leaving and returning home, Ramos focused on different endeavors, where he highlights a line of clothing, perfumes, and different advertising campaigns, but no project is closer to his heart than this one he embarked on since last month of March 2021.

“Those of us who move to Puerto Rico”

Bella Group, a local empire for buying and selling cars throughout Puerto Rico, together with a group of creatives, launched the campaign “Los Que Movemos a Puerto Rico” in March, a movement that seeks to promote and highlight the strength, values ​​and commitment of those who were born in the so-called “Island of Enchantment”. This information was published by the digital newspaper Noticel.

In the video, you can see different well-known faces in the sports field, among which Wesley Vázquez, Havanna Cabrero, Bryan Ortiz, Franklin Gómez, Marifé Torres, Brian Afanador, Tommy Ramos, Ryan Sánchez and Mónica Puig stand out.

In a statement published by Noticel, Carlos López-Lay, president and CEO of Bella Group said that the campaign focuses on the essence of the Puerto Rican: “We want to present an advertising campaign that represents what it means to be a Puerto Rican company, our values ​​and our motivation to keep going beyond the daily challenges. We show our DNA, our vision of the country and our desire for a future in which together we continue to Move Puerto Rico ”.

In the campaign, each of the athletes says that they represent one of the values ​​that characterize Puerto Rico, and it is precisely the former Exatlon athlete, Tommy Ramos, who closes the video forcefully with the following message: “We represent those who move this country ”.

Regarding his participation in this important project, Ramos assured that for Puerto Rico “We got up a thousand times”, and all the names that appear here have done so.

Bravo, Boricuas!

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