Very active on Twitter, the public plot we know of him, Tomas Carbonell He has gone through ‘Radio MARCA’ to talk about various specific and current aspects that concern the world of tennis, from the decisions made by the ATP to the criterion that should be valued more for the race as it is the largest.

– On the possible return of tennis in 2020.

“At the national level it would be easy for him to return but at the international level it would be very difficult to go from country to country, with governments proposing different measures or establishing quarantines … it is difficult. There are two great powers, the Grand Slams, who are on their own and on the other hand the ATP. I don’t see the ATP circuit starting soon, from what I’m telling you. Although the Grand Slams have more power and can force more. “

– What according to Tomás, the ATP should have done better.

“For me, from a distance, the key is to move tennis in a different way. The ATP has persisted in keeping the calendar as it was, but I think other things have to be done, for example, playing consecutive tournaments in a single city But postponing calendars is not the best. It would be necessary to invent a new circuit until the end of the year. It is easy to criticize without antecedents. Tennis, what I think has done wrong is that, trying to follow the calendar already marked, instead of trying to invent something different”.

– The most affected by this break?

“I see people over 30 years very different from those of my generation. One of 35 is now much more physically prepared, the food. If we talk about Federer, the clock is alarming him, so he should mark more than the rest. “

– Tennis without an audience, for Carbonell, is not possible.

“I can’t imagine tennis without an audience, without a new normality. Tennis has a good atmosphere, that party. A closed-door tournament has nothing to do with it. Tennis would lose more without an audience than other sports. I have hope that the line of aggressiveness of the virus drops and that the measures are coupled, if there are things that do not make sense, I ask the government to modify those things that now make sense and did not have any before. “

– Who is the best tennis player in history?

“For me this has to be measured by Grand Slams titles, right now the best is Federer. But you can see a shorter route and there are Nadal and Djokovic who are very close.”

– Asked about the competitive nature of Michael Jordan, Tomas sees similarities with tennis players of his time.

“Most of the players who have been extraordinary, have tics similar to Jordan. It is not pleasant but that sick point of the competition. For example, Boris Becker bordered on madness, and when they stop playing they are even crazier, they are obsessive, for that’s so good. Sampras was unbearable, he didn’t look at you, he didn’t say hello to you, and he left my practice hanging without saying anything to me, because he didn’t want to play. Lendl was tremendous, Pat Cash, Jimmy Connors insulted you on the track. “