Tom Welling prepares an animated series

Tom Welling confirmed that they are working on a Smallville animated series. Discover all the details!

For 10 seasons and more than 200 episodes, Smallville took it upon himself to delve into the life of teenager Clark Kent / Superman, who was beginning to learn about and discover his powers. This series was headed by Tom Welling, who fired the character in 2011. However, the actor has just revealed that he is preparing the return of the series but in an animated version.

Recently, Tom Welling told that Michael Rosenbaum, actor who played Lex Luthor in the series, and he are preparing “an animated series to bring the characters back to life.” Also, the interpreter assured that both intend to have all the actors of the original series so that they can give voice to the characters.

Returns in animated format

At the moment, these are the only details that are known about the new Smallville project. In this way, it is not yet known if this animated series will work as a direct sequel to the live action series or if it will be a kind of reboot. Much less is known if Tom Welling spoke with Warner Bros to ensure that the fiction reaches HBO Max.

It should be noted that Tom Welling returned to the DC universe in the crossover of the Arrowverse series, which we know under the name Crisis on Infinite Earths’ in 2019. For his part, Michael Rosenbaum also returned to work with the characters of Detective Comics, but this time as a dubbing actor in animated films and video games. The actor lent his voice to characters like Flash or Scarecrow.

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