Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum prepare the return of ‘Smallville’ as an animated series

Over ten seasons and more than two hundred episodes ‘Smallville’ told us about the adolescence of a Clark Kent who was beginning to discover his powers. The series starring Tom Welling said goodbye in 2011 and we thought it would be the last time we would see him as the Kryptonian. But the actor has revealed that he is preparing the return of the series, although with an important change.

Welling has responded to a fan with a video on Cameo that Michael Rosenbaum, who played Lex Luthor on the series, and he they are preparing “an animated series to bring the characters back to life” and assures that they intend to have as many actors from the original series as possible. to give voice to the characters.

Those are the details that we have at the moment of this project. We don’t know if it will be a direct sequel to the live action series or if it will be some kind of reboot. Nor if they have already spoken with Warner Bros. to ensure its premiere on any of its channels or on HBO Max. Let’s not get our hopes up just in case because it seems to be an idea in its infancy.

Very attached to DC

Tom Welling returned to the DC universe in the Arrowverse series crossover ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ in 2019. Michael Rosenbaum also returned to work with the characters of Detective Comics, this time as a voice actor in animated films and video games, lending his voice to characters such as Flash or the Scarecrow.

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