Tom Hardy to star in ‘Havoc’, the next Gareth Evans film

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Gareth Evans’ next film will be ‘Havoc’, action thriller that will star Tom Hardy. The person in charge of ‘Merantau’, ‘Murderous Raid’ and ‘Murderous Raid 2’ write and direct the film, in addition to producing it with Hardy himself, Ed Talfan and Aram Tertzakian.

The film revolves around a badly injured detective who, after a murky drug affair goes awry, must fight his way through the criminal underworld to rescue a politician’s son, which in turn helps him untangle, without want, a deep web of corruption that affects the entire fabric of his city.

‘Havoc’ It will be a production of One More One Productions, Severn Screen and XYZ Films for Netflix, a company that will be responsible for distributing it worldwide. This will be the second film that Evans has made for the streaming service after ‘The Apostle’ in 2018, and it will not be the last since, according to Deadline, the filmmaker Gals has signed a collaboration agreement for several years.

An agreement that in principle will not prevent him from creatively returning to command season 2 of ‘Gangs of london‘, the remarkable Sky Atlantic series that we can see in Spain thanks to Starzplay.

In addition to creating it with Matt Flannery, director of photography for all his films, Evans was also in charge of writing and directing its first and fifth episodes, the latter undoubtedly one of the best seen in all of 2020.