The coronavirus is wreaking havoc around the world and there are already several known faces that have been affected by the virus. One such familiar face was that of the American actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, the interpreter was in fact the first star to report through Instagram that both he and his wife had tested positive for the disease. The couple has already recovered from the disease and are again in Los Angeles, the city in which they reside.

Now the actor is again in the news and also for a topic related to the coronavirus. Tom has sent a message to all those who comply with the stipulated sanitary norms and do not use masks or social distancing: “I really only we can do three things to get to tomorrow: wear a mask, meet social distance, wash our hands“He began saying at a press conference.

The actor went on and explained that there are only three simple steps to follow: “They are so simple, so easy, if someone can’t find himself practicing those three very basic things. I just think it’s a shame. Don’t be weak, keep going, do your part. It is very basic. My God, it’s common sense, ”said the Oscar-winning actor.

In closing, Tom made an analogy of the situation we are experiencing with World War II: “No one has more than a polite assumption of when the world is going to end COVID-19. When will it be tamed, conquered or banished from our lives or from the world. All we can really do is our part, just like the boys on the Greyhound all they could do is what was expected of them and expect a combination of providence and chance to overcome them, “Tom explained.

Tom Hanks and his wife

During the conference, Tom also had time to talk about how he and his wife passed the disease: “We had about 10 days of very uncomfortable symptoms and they were not life threatening, we are pleased to say. We were isolated to keep an eye on ourselves because if our temperatures had risen, if our lungs had filled, if there are any numbers that things had gone wrong with this, we would have needed expert medical attention. We didn’t, “said Hanks.