The latest photographs of actor Tom Cruise and his young son, Connor, together date back four and a half years ago. The two then attended a basketball game together in Tampa, Florida (USA). The previous ones are six years old: October 2013, with both watching a football game in Los Angeles (California). Hence these days it has been surprising to find them together, smiling and even posing for the cameras in London. Some rare images that have traveled the world.

Tom Cruise, 57, is these days in the British capital with his son. They were seen walking around with part of their usual entourage and, dressed in casual clothes and loaded with some bags – Connor’s looked like a photo camera – both went towards a helicopter that Tom Cruise later piloted, a skill he acquired during the filming of Mission Impossible. Once in the apparatus, the actor explained to his son some basic notions about the operation of the apparatus.

Connor, 24, is Cruise’s young son. He and his wife, also actress Nicole Kidman, adopted Connor and Isabella, who will turn 27 in December. Kidman and Cruise met in 1990, during the filming of the movie Thunder Days. Two years later they adopted Isabella and three later Connor.

Both Isabella and Connor are very discreet with their lives. They hardly appear with their parents or in the media. They both belong to the Church of Scientology, just like their father. Bella lives precisely in London with her husband, Max Parker, whom she secretly married in 2015 at a wedding that her parents did not attend; in fact, Kidman met her daughter’s husband in the summer of 2016. Graduated from the London Delmar Academy of Makeup and Hairdressing, she has a fashion brand that she has named with her initials, BKC.

For his part, Connor lives in California with his girlfriend, a young Italian woman who is also part of Scientology. Although in his teens he played a couple of roles in the movies, he now lives apart and focused on music and his church. In March, it was learned that the young man was getting married and that they apparently planned to leave Kidman, who his religion considers an enemy of the cause, out of the link.

Tom and Connor Cruise in Tampa, Florida in April 2015, in their last public appearance together. Mike Carlson .

Both during the time they were together and in their separation, Kidman and Cruise have always kept their children on the sidelines. “I am very reserved about them,” the actress told Who magazine in November 2018. “I have to protect that relationship. But what I do know 150% is that I would give up my life for my children. ” He also spoke then about the relationship of young people with Scientology: “They are adults. They are able to make their own decisions. They have made the decision to be Scientologists and as a mother, my job is to love them. ” “I am an example of tolerance, it is what I believe in,” he said, “that it doesn’t matter what your son does, that he has love and that he knows that I am here.”

Cruise has another daughter, Suri, 13, born from her marriage to Katie Holmes, who now has custody of the little girl and is devoted to her body and soul. For his part, Kidman has two other girls, Sunday Rose, 11, and Faith Margaret, eight, born from her union with country singer Keith Urban.