Tom Brady kept his promise and visited Walt Disney World

Brady continues the celebration for his seventh ring.

Photo: Matt Stroshane / Disney

Just as promised,Tom Brady went to have fun at Walt Disney World after obtaining his seventh ring. After Super Bowl LV, the living legend of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers assured it: “I will go to disney world“. And so he did, at the close of Easter weekend, this Monday, he spent a day learning about the studies live the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge experience.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is a 14-acre themed area inspired by the aforementioned saga. There, Brady had fun with his family. The 43-year-old quarterback thanked for the moment and as usual, gave a joke to his followers:

Thanks to Disney World for gifting my family and me this moment. Darth Vader told my son Benny that “the force is strong on this side”, and now I will spend the rest of the week convincing him that being a Jedi is not a real profession and that he is not allowed to be on the “dark side.“.

Going to Disney World after winning the NFL title has become a league tradition. It began in 1987, when New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms appeared in the Disney commercial classic and later went to visit the Walt Disney World Resort after winning the Super Bowl.