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Tom Brady, 43-year-old NFL star

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Tom Brady, 43-year-old NFL star

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Tom Brady, 43-year-old NFL star

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Buccaneers’ new quarterback has a birthday


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Tom brady Celebrates his 43rd birthday as one of the best and longest running quarterbacks the NFL has ever had. The celebration comes at a juncture in his career.

Brady played 20 seasons with the New England Patriots with whom he managed – alongside head coach Bill Belichick – to reach nine Super Bowl and six championship rings, a record for any quarterback who has played in the NFL.

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But this spring he decided to leave Foxborough to go in search of a new adventure, by signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team that has been anecdotal in the League since the 2010s.

Tom wants to achieve what other great quarterbacks couldn’t do: win Super Bowls with different franchises. Joe Montana couldn’t do it with the Chiefs; Brett Favre also couldn’t do it with the Jets and Vikings. Brady wants to do it with the Bucs.

This is how the 43rd birthday comes to the life of the Californian. With the daunting challenge of converting a franchise, which hasn’t celebrated anything since the 2002 season when they won their only Super Bowl, to a championship team.

Brady will want to add another championship to his extensive career, which also includes 14 Pro Bowl calls, 3-time All Pro team picks and 3 trophies that recognize him as the League’s Most Valuable Player.


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Tom Brady, 43-year-old NFL star

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