Toluca FC: Two Liga MX teams want to reinforce Haret Ortega

Haret Ortega, former Club América and defender of Toluca, could leave the Red Devils team of Toluca for the next 2021 Opening Tournament of the MX League, because two Mexican soccer clubs would want him as a reinforcement for the next tournament, in addition of the interest it would have aroused from Europe.

According to information revealed by Juan Carlos Cartagena in the El Rincón del Diablo podcast, that Haret Ortega, a youth squad of America, indicated that he could leave Toluca because he has aroused the interest of two Liga MX clubs, although he did not reveal the name of the teams.

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“There are two Mexican soccer teams that are looking for Haret, and one or two from Europe that also want him, and the truth is good, because that means that the kids are doing something good and have talent.” .

The reporter does not reveal the names of the teams; However, it is surprising news because he is not an indisputable headline with Hernán Cristante, but it would be a great opportunity to make that leap in quality, if Europe is achieved.

Ortega has played 18 games with the Red Devils of Toluca shirt with which he has scored a goal and although he is not a fixture with the scarlets, he has aroused interest in Mexico and Europe.

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