Tolls also on conventional roads?

What looked like a proposal Far back in time, a few days ago it became a solid proposal that, moreover, has great prospects of becoming a reality. We talk about the establishment of a use toll for all highways and highways in our country, a new tax that may even be extended also to the conventional roads. What are the Administration’s reasons for proposing such a controversial measure?

In recent days we have seen how the Government has begun to seriously advance in the proposal to transform all the country’s highways and highways into toll roads, a toll that would be paid based on the kilometers traveled. It seems that the central executive has transferred the proposal to the European Union, an almost “necessary” proposal if Spain wants access a new package of European funds, more necessary than ever in the context of economic crisis in which we find ourselves.

It is a measure that has raised a bitter controversy, facing those who advocate a more sustainable mobility both at an environmental and economic level with those who think that most of the current highways and highways should not be paid considering the amount of taxes related to the car that are they already pay today. For the latter we have bad news: may be that the tolls of the highways do not stay there and also jump to the conventional roads.

Conventional roads … also toll roads?

Conventional roads are used every day by millions of drivers who either do not need to use motorways or, on the other hand, do not want to use this type of road, especially if they are toll roads. Statistics, on the other hand, show that the majority of traffic accidents with fatalities occur on this type of road.

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Surely more than one of you, upon learning of the proposal for the application of tolls in the entire network of expressways in the country, has thought about it: “then, many drivers will stop using the motorways and switch to conventional roads to be able to save money on each trip. “Well, you weren’t the only ones who have thought about it.

And is that the Technical Association of Roads (platform made up of technicians from the Ministry of Transport, the autonomous communities, city councils and construction companies and concessionaires) has proposed a series of measures for urgent implementation, which also includes the establishment of tolls on conventional roads.

Why tolls on all roads?

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According to the Administration technicians, the imposition of tolls on conventional roads is necessary to avoid the “escape” of drivers from expressways, thus allowing to minimize the diversion of traffic to this type of road, reducing the risk of creating a “rebound effect” that ended up increasing traffic incidents on these roads.

For the technicians of the Ministry of Transport, the application of tolls on the roads of our country is a matter of “urgent” character, which should be launched as soon as possible, and must also be an “interoperable” system, that is, compatible between the different Autonomous Communities regardless of who owns the road through which we are circulating.

Are we then moving towards end of free roads Or, on the contrary, is this the best alternative to have a road network adapted to current times?