Tokyo to install ‘anti-sex beds’ to prevent relationships between athletes

Cardboard beds that have little resistance to sudden movements to make sexual relations difficult during the Tokyo 2020 Games. This has been the decision made by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in the face of the danger of coronavirus infections. The cardboard beds, manufactured by the Airweave company with recycled products, which have also been made smaller than usual so that only one person can fit, they will be recycled at the end of the Olympic Games.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will begin on July 23 and will last until August 8 with an Olympic Village with 18,000 cardboard beds aimed at athletes to prevent, or at least hinder, COVID-19 infections during competition through sexual relationships between athletes around the world.

“The beds can support up to 200 kilos. The wood and cardboard will break if you jump on them, they can barely support the weight of two people, much less a fun celebration ”, they explain from the direction of the Olympic Games. They will not resist sudden or excessive movements.

Regardless of the type of bed, the committee had also considered not giving condoms to athletes, a tradition that originated many years ago. Without going any further, during the Rio 2016 games, 450,000 condoms were distributed, up to 42 per athlete. But the general director of the Olympic village, Takashi Kitajima affirmed that they will finally maintain their distribution among athletes but with a request. “The objective is not to use them in the Olympic Village, so we will ask the athletes to take them back to their countries of origin to collaborate in raising awareness about STDs and their eradication.”

“The condom distribution aims to raise awareness about sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, which are a threat to youth in many countries,” concluded Kitajima.

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