Tokyo is 400 kilometers from Tineo

It was the first competition he had had since March, when the pandemic stopped everything. “It was only one centimeter, but it is the furthest throw I’ve ever done in my life, I would have liked to throw a little further but it’s not bad for I haven’t competed for so long,” the athlete from Tineo tells LA NUEVA ESPAÑA. The lack of competition is just one of the problems David has had due to covid-19. Until March, the Asturian spent three days a week in the CAR of León and now he cannot stay there: “Before I lived between Tineo, Oviedo and León, from Monday to Wednesday I stayed at the CAR of León residence because I was an athlete high performance, but now it can’t be and what I do is that on Mondays and Wednesdays I go there, train for four hours, and come back; it’s two hours out and another two back ”. About 400 kilometers that he does two days a week. An effort he makes in search of a dream: the Tokyo Paralympic Games. “It’s my big goal, I know I have options.” Before the Tokyo challenge, if you have not previously qualified by exceeding the minimum mark required, you may be eligible to qualify for the European Championship to be held in Poland in June.

“My big goal is the Games and I know I have options”, says the Asturian athlete


David Fernández’s dream stems from a nightmare he suffered when he was 25 years old and had a traffic accident. “I fell asleep, I had a car accident and I hit a tree. I spent 43 days in a coma and 5 months in the HUCA, my left leg was amputated from the knee ”, says the athlete. The first step before finding his place in the launches was taken in a gym in Oviedo, in the Palacio de los Deportes, and one of those responsible for now aspiring to compete in the Paralympic Games and for being the best in his field in Spain it is Lodario Ramón, who directs the San Mateo Club, whom both David and Miguel Méndez also from Asturias represented in the Nacional and left in a creditable twelfth place by clubs. And that his specialty is weightlifting: “I’ve always said it, Lodario gave me everything. When I left the hospital they told me about this gym, I had no strength at all and one day I stopped by the Palace, spoke with Lodario, he began to transmit the values ​​of sport to me and we began my post-hospital rehabilitation. What sport teaches you is that when you lack some things you must strengthen others, having strengthened my back so much, my legs do not suffer, I have gained quality of life. Lodario taught me all that and then I started to like the pitches and I managed to train with Manolo Martínez ”, explains the Tinetense.

This athlete also appreciates the training facilities that have been given to him in Tineo during all this time, allowing him access to the sports facilities. After the accident, he retired from the thermal where he worked and now dedicates his life to his family and sports. The modality in which he competes is F57, which involves a minor disability, and the throw is done sitting in a wheelchair. His teammate in the Spanish championship, Miguel Méndez, did it in F52, where those with the most serious injuries compete, and achieved a silver medal in shot put. “Miguel is a quadriplegic and he is starting with this”, he tells about his partner, a native of Cangas del Narcea but who has lived in Oviedo for some time. They both have a splendid sporting future ahead of them: “My goal is to get closer to 13 meters and then if I can to 14, that’s why the delay in the Games has been good for me. Paralympic athletics is older and I am among the youngest ”.