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90 + 4 ‘(3-0) | ✔️ FINAL IN TOKYO! Sweden inflicts the USA its worst defeat in an Olympic Games. A more than deserved victory for the Swedes, after a great match in which they dominated and left the Americans unanswered.

Women’s World Cup

🇺🇸🏆 The United States conquers its fourth world title after beating the Netherlands (2-0)

07/07/2019 AT 4:54 PM

90 + 1 ‘(3-0) | LINDAHL STOP! Great header from Press that stops the Swedish goalkeeper.

90 ‘(3-0) | 4️⃣ Four minutes added. Last options for the United States to shorten the bulging scoreboard.

87 ‘(3-0) | ➡️ Last change in Sweden. Roddar replaces Andersson.

85 ‘(3-0) | ❌ Shy attempts by a defeated America. Little danger to the goal defended by Lindahl.

82 ‘(3-0) | 🎨 The United States continues to fight to cover up the scoreboard. Hurtig’s goal, in the best moment of the Americans, has been a blow that is difficult to overcome.

79 ‘(3-0) | ➡️ Exhaust US changes. Davidson and Mewie replace Dunn and Lavelle.

75 ‘(3-0) | ➡️ Changes in Sweden. Janogy and Bennison enter to rest Jakobsson and Angeldahl.

74 ‘(3-0) | 📚 US historic defeat so far. The Americans had never been losing by so much difference of goals in a Games.

71 ‘(3-0) | Sweden catches the United States very disorganized in defense and Hurtig heads at pleasure to put the third goal on the scoreboard.


69 ‘(2-0) | The United States does not lose hope. Rapinoe’s entrance is giving air to an overturned American team.


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64 ‘(2-0) | ➡️ Movement on the American bench. Enter Megan Rapinoe on Tobin Heath. Find US solutions

63 ‘(2-0) | ➡️ Change in Sweden. Rolfo and Blackstenius leave and Schough and Hurtig enter the field. Fresh air to prevent the suffocating rhythm from slowing down.

60 ‘(2-0) | ❗ Good opportunity for Carli Lloyd. The attacker won her back on the defense and Bjorn ultimately prevented the shot from going between the three sticks.

57 ‘(2-0) | 🔎 The US seeks to react. Neither the changes nor the rest have been able to change the script of a very uncomfortable match and in which the favorites are going through a lot of trouble.

54 ‘(2-0) | Finally, Sweden makes a profit from its set pieces. The forward catches a rebound in the area after the ball hits the post and puts the second goal on the scoreboard.


This was the first goal of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

This was the first goal in Tokyo: Ellen White put Great Britain ahead

48 ‘(1-0) | First arrival from Sweden. Again Rolfo, from outside the area, threatens Naeher’s goal.

46 ‘(1-0) | ➡️ Enter Julie Ertz and Carli Lloyd for Alex Morgan and Samantha Mewis in the US.


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45 ‘+ 2 (1-0) | ⌛ REST IN TOKYO. Sweden is ahead thanks to the goal of Blackstenius. Great first part of the Swedes, managing to tie up a USA that survives thanks to the performance of its goalkeeper Naeher and that its danger comes through the quality sparks of its best players.

45 ‘(1-0) | 2️⃣ Two minutes added.


41 ‘(1-0) | 😲 BLACKSTENIUS HAD IT! Great ball behind Angeldahl’s back and the forward made a mess in hand-to-hand with the goalkeeper.

37 ‘(1-0) | 🧤 Naeher’s new stop. The American goalkeeper is having a job and barely manages to keep hers in the game against the rival siege.

34 ‘(1-0) | 🧭 Try to find your way to the United States. Bad start for the Americans, who can’t get the ball easily to Heath and Lavelle at the pressure outlet.

30 ‘(1-0) | 💧 Break for hydration. America needed it.

29 ‘(1-0) | ❗ ANOTHER FOR JAKOBSSON! Great filtered pass from Asllani and Dunn crosses again in Jakobsson’s path to avoid the 2-0.

26 ‘(1-0) | Lateral center from the right wing and the forward moves ahead of her defender at the near post to score the first goal of the match. Deserved so much from the Swedes.


22 ‘(0-0) | 🧤 STOP NAEHER! New intervention by the goalkeeper to avoid Rolfo’s dangerous shot.

19 ‘(0-0) | 🤔 The US is struggling to come out of the pressure and maintain possession. Many difficulties for the great favorite.

16 ‘(0-0) | 🚩 Five corner kicks for Sweden in just a quarter of an hour of play reflect their dominance on the pitch.

13 ‘(0-0) | 🧤 GOOD STOP FROM NAEHER TO ROLFO’S SHOT! The goalkeeper deflects a good shot from the Swede from outside the area to corner.

10 ‘(0-0) | It seems that the United States wakes up and begins to approach the Swedish goal.

7 ‘(0-0) | 😲 Dunn avoids Sweden’s first clear chance! The American defender avoids a point-blank shot from Jakobsson.

4 ‘(0-0) | 🥅 Sweden’s first approaches to the goal defended by Naeher. A deflected shot from Blackstenius marks the Swedes’ first chance.

1 ‘(0-0) | ⚽ START THE MATCH!

10:27 🎵 The anthems of Sweden and the USA are played in the stadium.

10:24 The players of both teams take the field! This is about to begin.

10:15 ⌚ There are only fifteen minutes until the match begins!

10:05 The United States, current world champions, faces a tough rival in this first match. The Swedes dismounted the Americans in Rio 2016 for silver, losing 1-2 in the final to Germany.

09:55 Warm-up minutes on the pitch, before the players from both teams head to the locker room to make their debut at these Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

09:42 Sweden: Lindahl; Glas, Ilestedt, Bjorn, Andersson; Angeldahl, Asllani, Seger; Jakobsson, Blackstenius, Rolfo.

09:35 USA: Alyssa Naeher; Kelley O’Hara, Abby Dahlkemper, Becky Sauerbrunn, Crystal Dunn; Lindsey Horan, Samantha Mewis, Rose Lavelle; Tobin Heath, Alex Morgan, Christen Press.

09:32 👕 We already have eleven confirmed!

09:20 👋 Good morning and welcome to the showdown between Sweden and the USA!

After his surprising elimination in the quarterfinals of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, USA arrives in Tokyo eager to get their revenge against Sweden, their executioner in Brazil. With Alex Morgan’s return to his best level after having his first daughter in 2020, the North American team, the current world championship, is the great favorite to beat in Tokyo 2020.

Where do Sweden-USA televise? USA? Football Tokyo Olympics 2020

The Sweden-USA match The USA can be seen live on TV via Eurosport 1. All the Tokyo Olympics can be seen on TV on Eurosport and online on the Eurosport APP.

United States Women’s National Team

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