Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: Athlete Tsimanouskaya accuses Belarus of forcing her back and asks the IOC for protection

Athlete Krystsina Tsymanouskaya was preparing to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in the 100 and 200 meter sprints, but a decision by the Belarusian Athletics Federation included her in the 4×400 relay. This decision has unleashed an international conflict in the Olympic Games after Tsymanouskaya publicly criticized what happened on his social networks, since his choice for the relay was motivated by the inability of the federation to have two athletes who do not comply with the anti-doping regulations not having passed enough controls. “Why should we pay for their mistakes?”, Published the sprinter.

The Belarusian National Olympic Committee is led by Viktor Lukashenko, the son of the country’s president Aleksandr Lukashenko, and issued a statement in which he assured that Tsymanouskaya could not participate in Tokyo 2020 “by decision of the doctors, due to his emotional and psychological state”, something that the athlete herself described as a lie at the Haneda airport, where she took refuge before being sent back to your country. Again on his Instagram profile, Tsymanouskaya asked the IOC for help: “They have pressured me and are trying to make me leave the country against my will,” he posted.

The IOC took action on the matter immediatelyGiven the conflictive situation in Belarus, where freedom of expression is seriously threatened under the Lukashenko regime and there have been several recent cases of activists and opponents detained without due process guarantees. After asking the Belarusian committee for explanations, the institution in charge of organizing the Games published a statement in which it guaranteed the safety of Tsymanouskaya: “The IOC and Tokyo 2020 have spoken directly with Krystsina Tsymanouskaya tonight. She is with the authorities at the Haneda airport and is currently accompanied by a member of the Tokyo 2020 organization. She has told us that she is safe. The IOC and Tokyo 2020 will continue to hold discussions with Krystsina Tsymanouskaya and the authorities to decide what steps to take in the coming days. “.

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Tsymanouskaya appeared again on social networks, in this case on Telegram, reassuring her family and followers by assuring that “I am safe and we are deciding where I will spend the night.” The athlete also considered the possibility of requesting political asylum to the Austrian and Polish embassies in Tokyo, although none of these scenarios has been confirmed.

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