Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: Alejandro Blanco: “I can’t imagine the Olympic Games without Rafa Nadal”

Updated 05/12/2021 – 13:22

Rafa NothingHe surprised yesterday by announcing that his participation in the Tokyo Olympics is in the air, because in a season like this it is difficult for him to plan his schedule more than ever.

The Spanish tennis player assured that “in a normal world, he would never” miss the Games, but acknowledged that the uncertainty prevents him from thinking about a medium or long-term planning.

“I don’t know yet, I can’t give a clear answer (about participating in the Tokyo Games) because I don’t know. In a normal world I would never think of missing the Games.Sure, we all know how important they are to me. In these situations, I don’t know, we’ll see in a couple of months “, Nadal assured at a press conference in Rome.

On this issue Alejandro Blanco spoke today at the press conference to present the standard bearers who will succeed Nadal, and which will be Mireia Belmonte and Sal Craviotto. “You always have to listen to Rafa and support him. Try to talk to him, but he has given so much to Spanish and world sport that you have to support him. I can’t imagine the games without Rafa, but if you make the decision not to participate, you have to respect it “Alejandro Blanco pointed out.

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