Together in film Sing 2: Chayanne, Ha-Hash and Vadhir Derbez


Ha-Ash made up of Hanna and Ashley | .

Vadhir Derbez has stood out in the show business (EFE)

Vadhir Derbez has stood out in the show business | .

This could be the singer's first dubbing film (Reformation)

This could be the singer’s first dubbing movie | Reform

Just a few days ago the new installment of the hit movie was shared “Sing 2 Come and sing again!“, the trailer for Latin American cinema could no longer wait for the excitement of knowing that Chayanne, Vardhir Derbez and Ha-Ash will be in it will be noticed immediately.

On December 8, 2016 the first installment of “Sing” was launched, a year before they began with the promotionals so surely the managers decided to create a Twitter account to start creating a reaction from Internet users.

It was thus that since 2015 the account of this film was created which has changed its name and profile to adapt it to this second installment, as an account of any personality and popular star of entertainment.

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On June 24, the official trailer of the movie Sing 2, where we will have the opportunity to hear the voice of different Latin American artists including:

Chayanne Hanna de Ha-Ash Ashley de Ha-Ash Benny Ibarra Roger González
Vadhir derbez
Sebastián Martínez María Eugenia Suárez

Some of these actors and singers already participated in the first installment, as you will remember some of the main characters and now other more interesting ones are integrated, one of them is undoubtedly Elmer Figueroa Arce internationally known as Chayanne.

According to the publication that was made, the premiere of this second part will be at Christmas 2021, for many Internet users it will be more than exciting and will add something nice to this year before finishing it.

One of the most important characters that are integrated into the film is the Lion Clay calloway, who in the original English version will be played by the iconic singer U2 group leader bonus while the Latin version will be brought to life by Chayanne.

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The interpreter of “Tiempo de vals” shared the news through his Twitter account where he changed the profile photo for one of his character, the news immediately went viral in the application, because this could be the first dubbed film in which the singer participates, it would be a kind of triumphant return to the cinema by the singer because he has not appeared in a cinematographic film for years.

Don’t stop chasing your dreams, you never know how high you can go, “wrote Chayanne.

The film will take place in “Redshore City“Inspired by Las Vegas, the place where the big stars get to perform their best songs and succeed like never before, for this Buster Moon’s team auditioned without getting the role, but with the opportunity to get Calloway and perform with him at a show.

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For his part, Vadhir Derbez shared a poster on his official Instagram account, in which the names of the stars invited to participate in the Latin dubbing are shared, so far it has not been shared which character he and Ahsley will play, Hanna’s sister who He participated in the first film, but certainly listening to their voices will not be difficult to pay a little attention.

Too excited to be a part of this Sing 2 project go check out the trailer, “Vadhir wrote.

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Chayanne also shared a poster where his character appears and the official trailer on his Instagram account, having 647, 111 thousand views and 2,572 comments where part of his followers are more than excited to see him on screen at least to hear his voice .

Ha-Ahs did the same on Instagram with the same poster that Vadhir shared and Chayanne’s phrase, which could be the official slogan of the film.

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