Together for Change meets for the vaccinated VIP

Faced with the scandal over the VIP vaccinated, Together for Change will meet tomorrow to define how to position themselves before the legislators of the Frente de Todos who received the first dose of Sputnik V outside the established vaccination system by the national government. While they have already asked for the suspension of the official deputy Juan Vázquez, some doubts remain about what position to adopt in the cases of Eduardo Valdés and Senator Jorge Taiana, who explained that they were immunized because they were part of the presidential delegation of the trip to Mexico.

The news of the request for the resignation of the then Minister of Health Ginés González García by President Alberto Fernández was celebrated within the opposition coalition, however it was not enough to calm the spirits. Not only the bloc of senators from Together for Change requested that the Chief of Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero, explain in Congress the « irregularities » in the vaccination schedule, but also the deputies Carmen Polledo, from PRO; and Jimena Latorre, from the UCR, immediately got off the Mexico trip with the president.


Request for sanctions for deputy Juan Vázquez


Days ago, from the opposition interblock they demanded that Vázquez be suspended, who was vaccinated, although he did not correspond. « Valdés would be in a similar situation, » said sources from the Civic Coalition. Although Valdés, like Taiana, received Sputnik V in the Ministry of Health, they argued that they « never » exercised « a privilege » because they were vaccinated because they were « invited by President Alberto Fernández to join his delegation on the trip to Mexico » and that their « case applies to the priority category of strategic personnel. »

Faced with the explanations of both legislators from the Frente de Todos, Polledo assured this newspaper that neither she nor Latorre -as part of the presidential entourage- were summoned at any time by the health portfolio to be vaccinated.


Meeting for the cases of Valdés and Taiana


For the moment, Nobody in Together for Change dares to anticipate what position they will take in the cases of Valdés and Taiana. Just tomorrow, the National Board of Together for Change will hold a meeting by zoom in which they will decide the steps to follow. It is still not certain that they will ask for sanctions for these two legislators, as they did with Vázquez.

In the opposing deadlock, some argue that Valdés and Taiana have « some argument », even if it is « unconvincing », unlike the deputy from Santa Cruz, who until now has not been able to give an explanation about his actions.

« President, it is not about public derision. You established a vaccination protocol and it was violated. We all know that vaccines are lacking, but here there is public immorality. Give the list of those who benefited from being friends of power while others died for not having godparents, « he said. the head of the interblock of deputies of Together for Change, Mario Negri, on his Twitter account, in response to the statements of the head of state regarding the setting up of « a media scene of public derision » about González García and those who were vaccinated outside the established system.

Through a statement, from the block of deputies of the Civic Coalition announced that they will present a project Of law for « that the leaders of all political spaces are the last citizens to access vaccination against COVID 19, until all at-risk patients have been inoculated. «