If you like Power Rangers, Ultraman, Godzilla and other characters from the genre of kaijus and giant robots, you can rest assured that this quarantine will have plenty of material to see. Toei to open YouTube channel for his Tokusatsu series, no restrictions.

Tokusatsu is a Japanese term applied to any live action movie or television series in which heavy use is made of special effects. It literally translates into Japanese as “special filming.”

In total they will have 70 of his series and the first chapters will be released on April 6. There will be series from the period from 1960 to 1990, all with subtitles in English.

One program will premiere per day, seven days a week. Presumably, this will be until those first shows have completed the show.

Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Ultra, Ultra Q, Ultraman, Ultra 7 and Space: Galactic Wars, the Japanese version of Star Wars, will be just some of the series that we will be able to see.