FIA President advises against further postponing the arrival of the new era

The teams close this issue, which they do not consider urgent now; they will resume it in summer

The option to postpone the entry of the new regulation to 2023, rather than 2022, was also brought up on the table at the video conference meeting of the teams, FIA and FOM, but Jean Todt flatly refused to further postpone the new era.

One of the first consequences of the coronavirus crisis in Formula 1, after the postponement of the first Grand Prix, was that the category postponed the arrival of the regulatory revolution expected in 2021.

That the 2020 season has not started yet means that the work of the teams in the important project of 2021 is interrupted. The sport and its coffers will be hit by the economic crisis and thus complicate working on new cars. For this reason, the sport has decided to continue with this year’s cars for one more season and leave the new regulations for 2022 to save.

However, Red Bull chief Christian Horner recently raised further postponement of the entry of the new regulation to 2023. The idea was put on the table yesterday at the videoconference meeting between the teams, the FIA ​​and the FOM, but Jean Todt has flatly refused such a proposal, according to the BBC. The Frenchman advises against following this path and encourages the idea of ​​changing the rules by 2022.

Anyway, now this is not an urgent matter. The main task for the teams now is to agree on the 2021 budget ceiling. Thus, the issue of the new regulations will not be taken up again until the summer, since the most immediate thing at this time is to decide where to cut to help the teams stay on track. during these months without careers and, consequently, without income due to the coronavirus crisis.

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