Tod´s No_Code: a tech footwear project with automotive inspiration

They are called shoekers, a fusion of the elegance of the shoe -shoe- with the comfort and performance of sneakers.

In a perfect balance between the work of Italian artisans and technology, the classic transalpine shoe and the informal shoe, Tod’s No_Code have been created following the methodology of automobile design: the beauty of shape and proportion tend to follow the 6: 4 ratio. For these shoes a ratio between the instep and the heel of 7: 3 has been applied to give it a more sporty silhouette, very similar to that of a car. Indeed, the silhouette is reminiscent of a sports car, the toe has been deliberately lowered to create an ‘aerodynamic effect’, as if the shoe were about to ‘accelerate’ like a racing car.

Three materials

They are Italian calfskin (for its softness and flexibility), strecht wool blend fabric for the instep (for added comfort) and EVA rubber compound sole (which is super light and comfortable), with the points on the heel as reference to Tod’s iconic Gommino driving shoes.

The sole is a proprietary blend of EVA and rubber which, in the construction process, has to be precisely calculated to fit approximately 70% of the shoe mold. This is because the material expands as it grows and fills the mold. This technique incorporates a lot of air into the sole, making it super light and comfortable.

The mesh upper has been swapped for neoprene with more leather details, giving the shoe more structure and thus creating a car body-like instep profile.

No_Code X: technical details

The No_Code X sole has been raised on the sides and appears thicker, but despite the increased bulk, the shoe weighs 10% less than previous No_Code models and is much more flexible. Iconic rubber bands have been applied to the heel end of the No_Code X insole to offer an enhanced cushioning effect that reduces the overall weight of the sole.

On this model, the No_Code X upper features a combination of knitted fabric and leather or suede to offer maximum comfort in terms of fit, as well as an extra touch of Italian flair.

Yong Bae Seok – Designer of No_Code

Tod’s has entrusted the No_Code project to the Korean designer Yong Bae Seok, who has translated the Tod_Code philosophy into his designs. Yong Bae Seok is an industrial designer born in Seoul, South Korea, residing in Europe. Yong completed his undergraduate degree at Hansung University in Seoul, later moving to Italy and continuing his education at IED in Turin, where he completed a master’s degree in industrial design.

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