Today’s driver reveals, he met them with his father at the checkout

Today’s driver reveals, he met them with his father in the box | Instagram

A really sad moment in the life of the driver of the Today Program, Paul Stanley was encouraged to reveal it in the morning star of Televisa; this was his father’s departure and how he met his brothers.

Dear Paul Stanley opened his heart for a famous section of Today and related how it was that he found out that his father, Paco Stanley, had departed. It was amidst the cuddles of his peers that the beloved actor presented his own interview.

Stanley shared that it was through a call from someone who worked for his father that he found out that something had happened, they told young Paul that someone in his family was wrong. The beloved member of Members to the Air asked about his mother, his stepfather, several members, but never imagined that it was Paco Stanley. Indeed, the driver of Pakatelas, had departed to the afterlife.

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Paul stanley He related that his mother went to school for him and that he did not understand anything and the images of Eduardo Salazar flying over the scene of the events confused him even more; So while his cousins ​​and family members were watching everything on television, he decided to go to his room.

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Finally, they took him to fire his father, he assures there were many people in the place and access was difficult, he ended up saying that he was the son of Paco Stanley and people made way for him saying “let Paquito pass.

The actor also related that it was at that moment that he met his brothers, or rather half-brothers, there crying for his father, while Paco Stanley was already in a box.
Paul assured that his brothers did not tell him anything, but what he did not expect was to be harassed by the media.

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The media assured that the departure of the famous presenter was a betrayal by his friend and colleague, Mario Bezares; pointing out as an accomplice Paola Durante, a dancer and part of the staff of his famous television program.

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Paola Durante also told how she lived all this and how hard it was to face that accusation when she was so young. Finally, he ended his confinement after a few years and wrote a book to whose presentation he decided to invite Paul Stanley himself, who he claims adored his father Paco Stanley.