Today’s driver about to go to prison, by Palazuelos

Today’s driver about to go to prison, by Palazuelos | Reform

Almost in prison! Donkey Van Rankin he had a bad time because of his always friend Roberto Palazuelos. Was the same Black diamond who related how he put Jorge Van Rankin at risk, this on a night out.

In his reality show, the famous actor and businessman confessed that he went out for drinks with the driver of Hoy and Esteban Arce in one of the first Telethon and it was there when he became generous and paid the bill for him and his friends.

Jorge confessed that it was very strange that Roberto Palazuelos paid the bill to everyone, but he happily took the dollars that the Black Diamond gave him for the bill and the tip. Palazuelos said goodbye and they did not want him to leave, but after leaving the money, Arce and he were happy.

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El Burro paid the bill with his friend’s tickets and continued in the place, a little later they tried to withdraw, but Jorge Van Rankin’s surprise was great when security stopped him before leaving.

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It was at that moment when they also told the actor that the tickets with which he had paid were false and they showed them to him, the famous one said that it was more than evident; however, his friend gave them to him in the dim light and did not look at them.

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Roberto’s joke could have landed him in prison, the businessman was very tiresome to give these tickets to the driver of the Hoy Program, but fortunately, this did not happen to adults and they both relate it with laughter.

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Both Palazuelos and Van Rankin constantly make jokes about Luis Miguel, since they were youthful friends of the Sun of Mexico; they are part of the small group of friends who are close to the history of entertainment in the country.

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