Today’s conductors become the target of criticism on Televisa

Today's conductors become the target of criticism on Televisa (Instagram)

Today’s conductors become the target of criticism on Televisa | Instagram

The morning show “Today” would go through a severe crisis after the broadcast drivers have become the target of strong criticism, it was in a section of “Tell me now“where some comments arose.

Everything seems to indicate that program “Today”, of Las Estrellas, has registered the lowest audience levels, one reason for this has been attributed to its drivers.

They would become the topic of conversation for another television program, where Roxana Castellanos, Paul Stanley and Juan José Ulloa also appear.

In the middle of the ¡Los Tu-Vasos! made alleged comments as a joke against the morning broadcast, “What does it take to be a driver of Today?” They questioned, what was taken as mockery towards the one who until today has been the tv show with more popularity.

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The famous couple, they destroyed the “magazine program“which takes place within the same production company, Televisa, Paul and Juanito were the ones who started the controversial comments.

You need charisma, popularity, grace, manliness, handsomeness, a name in the middle, commented Paul Stanley, then Juan José Ulloa pointed out, “No, no, you need to have failed in your programs like you and Arath de la Torre .

It even seems a requirement to have had fiascos that lasted less than the quarantine, the driver finished his comment.

It was Juan José himself who recalled that Stanley’s program, “Good vibes” would only have lasted just three weeks and that of Arath de la Torre lasted much less.

However, not everything stopped there since later, Juan and Deyanira Rubí (Roxana), added that after said failures, Televisa consoled them by offering them the conduction in the program “Hoy”.

The program “Cuentamelo Ya”, which covers news from the entertainment world, is broadcast Monday through Friday at 12 pm and Saturdays at 11 am, on Las Estrellas.

It is no secret to anyone that on the morning set, many of the drivers appear to have a good relationship, which on certain occasions is far from reality, according to versions this happens among the program’s colleagues, many of whom do not even would be supported, the various speculations point out.

Andrea Legarreta, Raúl “El Negro” Araiza and Galilea Montijo have been the presenters who have made up one of the oldest teams in the broadcast, over several years they have seen and lived with various figures of the medium that at some point have joined this production.

In the same way, this has also generated various criticisms since in some of the comments that users expose on social networks they state that there must be a radical change and that other figures take the baton of the broadcast, which until now has not happened.

Reason that would give rise to other theories that refer to the fact that so much time together has been the object of friction between them, an example of this is the supposed “friendship” of Andrea Legarreta and “Gali”.

It is worth mentioning that Roxana herself and Juan José Ulloa starred in a facet within the same broadcast, which was only for a time since they were later replaced by other collaborators who arrived on the set of “Hoy”.

In the same way, after the departure of the presenter and comedian Roxana Castellanos, she was surrounded by various versions after apparently conflicts between some of her colleagues were handled, however, this has never been completely clarified by those involved.

You can also read Raúl Araiza treated by a medical service in the middle of the Hoy Program

The screen star who has ventured into television, theater and driving, appeared for four years as part of the cast of commentators and comedians in this production of “Hoy”, upon his departure it was the presenter Anette Cuburú who took his place as a short time.