Today’s birthday boy! Woojin

Woojin celebrates his birthday today… Can you guess? We will tell you later. Have you already congratulated him? We will tell you all the details here in Music News.

The musical artist originally from South Korea, was born on a day like today, April 8, but in 1997 so, that’s right. Woojin turns 2021, 24 years old! We are very happy for him and for all the wonderful career he has managed to carry out in these years, at such a young age the singer has given us wonderful songs that we will talk to you next.

Among their albums are UNVEIL Stray Kids, Cié 1: Miroh, I am You, I am not, I am Who, Cié 2: Yellow Wood, tell us which one is your favorite.

A curious fact that you probably did not know about Woojin was that this musician measures one meter and 74 centimeters, we know that sometimes the video effect can be misleading, but this is his real height. Woojin studied at the Seoul School of Performing Arts.

Another curious fact that you probably did not know about today’s birthday boy Woojin is his full name, sometimes they can be complicated, but if you really consider yourself his fan, do you have any idea what his name is?

Well, Woojin’s full name is Kim Woo-jin, did you know? We bet not. Actually, his stage name is what everyone already knows, however his most common nicknames are, “Bear”, “Woojina Hyung”

Another unnecessary but no less important fact is that the singer is also a dancer, and his zodiac sign is Aries.

He also participated in 2017 and until 2019 in the television programs Stray Kids, Stray Kids Finding SKZ, Stray Kids: SPOT KIDS, among others.