Today, the driver is exposed, he arrives in an inconvenient condition!

Today, the driver is exposed, he arrives in an inconvenient condition! | Instagram

Responsible or the opposite? A driver of Today It was revealed in the middle of the program and by one of his colleagues and friends that he came to work in an inconvenient condition.

It was during a Members on Air program that the host of the Hoy Program was in evidence when Raul Araiza He was talking about responsibility at work. El Negrito was talking about Mauricio Mancera; However, the one who was more than harmed was Donkey Van Rankin.

Raul Araiza Herrera spoke about wanting to be like Mauricio Mancera, something that surprised everyone, but things turned funny when they realized what Raúl was referring to.

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The Negro Araiza pointed out that he wanted to have Mancera’s pants to miss his work, this because he had been absent from the Today Program, of which he was a part at that time.

The young driver’s companions criticized Mauricio for missing a live program only because of the departure of one of his dogs. Araiza and Van Rankin pointed out that pets are loved very much; However, it should not be enough of a reason to leave such a strong responsibility on television and that they even worried when they were told that he would not go to work.

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During the anecdote of the son of Norma Herrera’s son, Van Rankin interrupted and ended up injured as El Negrito pointed out that even in an inconvenient state, but El Burro always arrives, just as it had recently happened.

The conductors wanted to see Mancera that he should have more responsibility with his work and gave him examples of whether big news stars do not arrive one day just because, yes, what would happen.

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For his part, Mancera asked for empathy since for him he was a loved one; However, Araiza shared that this was the second time this had happened with him and that even Galilea Montijo joked that he could miss the program for 5 days because they had lost 5 little fish belonging to his son Mateo.

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Currently, Mancera is no longer part of the Hoy Program, nor of Members on the Air and it is said that very soon he could return to television, again with TV Azteca, but this time to compete directly with Guerreros 2021.

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