Today program, they assure a colleague is after Raúl Araiza

Hoy program, they assure a colleague is after Raúl Araiza | Instagram

He wants everything with Raúl Araiza! This is what the irreverent Alex Kaffie assures about one of the companions of the famous television host in the Today Program. According to Kaffie, when it became known that the actor from La Desalmada is single again, candidates began to emerge, including one of Hoy’s girls, to fill his heart.

Alex Kaffie assured that upon learning that Maria Amelia Aguilar and Raúl Araiza had finished their courtship, one of Araiza’s companions was extremely happy and began to get down to work to conquer El Negrito.

The journalist left everyone anxious, because Kaffie said the sin, but not the sinner and let it be the same son of Norma Herrera who is the girl from the Hoy Program who wants to have a relationship with him.

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The also member of Members Al Aire has been married only once, a marriage that lasted more than twenty years and which resulted in two daughters. After their separation, in 2020 the news was released that they were beginning a relationship with the Program’s psychologist Today, María Amelia Aguilar.

Everything seemed to be going well between the driver and the psychologist; However, they were surprised with the news that they separated, which Alex Kaffie himself said in advance. Raúl argued that María Amelia needs attention and time, two things that he was able to provide her in the pandemic and that she does not have available now due to her work projects.

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The former couple pointed out that this seáración was not the last word, since there was love between them and they concluded calmly and not by third parties, much less. Kaffie assured that Aguilar even tells his friends that Raúl Araiza Herrera will return to ask you to return.

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Meanwhile, the beloved Raúl Araiza is full of projects: the Hoy Program, Members Al Aire and La Desalmada; in addition to some invitations to various television programs such as Me Caigo de Risa.

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So far, it has not been revealed that Araiza is dating someone or any clue has been given of who this partner who wants to be his partner could be; However, is it Andrea Escalona? This young woman recently ended a relationship and could be open to giving herself a new chance in love; We will see what surprises El Negrito will give us soon.