Today program ?, morning comes to an end, they say goodbye

Hoy? Program comes to an end, they say goodbye | Instagram

The end of a beloved morning has come, after much rumor that the Hoy Program would come to an end, it was not this television program that said goodbye to television, but Here with you. The Heraldo television program hosted by Luz Elena González and other colleagues said goodbye to television last Friday, April 2.

The beloved Mhoni Vidente was part of this project and was also on the air on the day it came to an end, the Cuban dismissed the program and her colleagues with great nostalgia, but ensuring that there will be good things for everyone.

Who was part of Today under the production of Madga Rodríguez, he shared that everything has a beginning and an end and that is how Aqui with you concluded. The seer assured that the end of the morning did not come due to discord between the companions as had been said, it is only that a cycle ended.

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Recently, during the YouTube program Chisme No Like, Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani bothered Luis Miguel’s beloved ex, Luz Elena González after interviewing her for having received an award; Sharing that one of her colleagues from the Aqui Contigo program, in which the former Beauty Queen was the headline, was very envious and was speaking ill of her; The young woman would even point out that Luz Elena was old enough to be in the production and she cried for not having been the recipient of the award.

Like a professional, whoever dreamed of always being the main driver of the Today Program She was greatly surprised by what the journalists said, but indicated that everything was fine with her colleagues and that she was very surprised by these revelations. Beristain indicated that she was sorry to share those kinds of things that she did not know herself, but that it was necessary for her to know those who were around her.

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The actress was also very grateful for the award she was receiving and confessed that for a long time her dream was to be part of Hoy’s conductors, that although she was a guest host on several occasions, on Televisa she was not given the opportunity to be the headline of the morning; opportunity that thanked El Heraldo.

There are those who point out that conflicts between drivers could be the cause that Aqui Contigo has come to an end; However, Mhoni Vidente assured that everything was fine and also shared her happiness because there was already a new project at the door in which she would be sharing with some of her classmates again.

The seer shared that very soon she would be revealing to her followers where they can see her again and they will have more of her predictions, advice, horoscopes and more. It was in this program where Mhoni spoke about the Hoy Program and although he did not predict its end, he did indicate that there must be changes.

Mhoni Vidente shared that the same Magda Rodriguez He indicated in a dream that bad things were coming for Televisa’s star television program and asked him to warn them about it. The Cuban pointed out that there are bad vibes and dark things in the production, so for them to take off again it is necessary to clean.

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Today he has registered a sharp drop in his audience since the departure of his producer Magda, in November 2020. Andrea Rodríguez Doria, his sister, took the baton of the morning program; however, the rating began to fall.

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In her efforts to reverse what happened, Andrea Escalona’s aunt made changes entering 2021, such as the entry of a pet, Chenchi; change of scenery and the entry of a new conductor, Arath de la Torre.