TODAY newspaper | Vaccines are safe and exceed expected effectiveness, they say

The lawyer Jorge Vasconsellos affirmed that there is no legal justification that supports the resistance to the non-publication of the data of the people who receive the doses of the Covid-19 vaccines.

The lawyer Jorge Vasconsellos spoke today with the GEN channel about the publication of data on vaccinated people. In this regard, he deepened that the discussion of privacy is a recurring theme and that the same was argued for not publishing the salaries of public officials.

« I tried but failed to identify any type of rule that justifies secrecy in this case, neither from the point of view of privacy or medical secrecy, » he commented.

The legal expert cited that in the Article 147 of the Penal Code figure the Disclosure of the private secret and there it establishes that “any fact, data or knowledge shall be understood as secret: with restricted access, the disclosure of which to third parties would harm, due to its harmful consequences, the legitimate interests of the interested party; or with respect to which by law or on the basis of a law, silence must be kept ”.

« The registry or payroll of people subjected to immunization through a vaccine that is paid for and financed with resources from our taxes, does not meet these characteristics, » he said on the point.

He also brought up the Article 143 of the Penal Code, of the Injury to the privacy of the person, in which it is clearly stated that “whoever, before a crowd or by publication in the terms of article 14, exposed the privacy of another, understanding as such the intimate personal sphere of his life and especially his family or sexual life or his state of health, will be punished with a fine ”.

“Although it is related to health-related issues, the circumstance of the application of the immunization doses does not reflect the health status of the person, that is, it does not constitute their medical record, it does not reveal the existence of diseases, but rather that it is a preventive treatment to avoid contracting diseases. For this reason, I cannot find legal justifications to support the resistance of the publication ”, he pointed out.

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