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Sonia Cáceres, president of the Association of Paraguayan Companies Suppliers for Events (Aseppe), indicated that the Minister of Health, Julio Mazzoleni, no longer has time to attend to the 2,000 companies in this area that demand an increase in the number of people in the meetings and extend the hours.

“It was very tolerated and it is a slap to have 4000 doses of vaccines. We are no longer to tolerate. The authorities are not interested ”, lamented Sonia Cáceres in an interview with the GEN channel.

He maintained that since December they have been asking the Ministry of Public Health via a note that the number of guests be expanded, including with swabs, but they do not even have the delicacy to respond, according to regret. « We have an agreement with a laboratory to hold events for more than 200 people with swabs, at affordable costs and with results in 24 hours, » he added.

He also stressed that another request is to extend the schedule for the events, since currently it becomes tedious to tend to finish the meetings earlier.

Regarding Zapag’s wedding, he said that the event was managed hermetically and 25 Brazilian professionals were hired and the few Paraguayan eventists who also participated in the organization signed a confidentiality contract. « I understand that the guests were not swabbed, » he added, highlighting that when it is done within the health protocol, there are no infections at parties.